6 English Premier League Football Clubs Infected, 748 Tests Taken and ended a contract with China news channel

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layers and staff who returned to practice in English Premier League (EPL) football clubs were tested for Covid-19, with 6 positive cases.
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Players and staff who returned to practice in English Premier League (EPL) football clubs were tested for Covid-19, with 6 positive cases. The statement released by the EPL stated that on May 17 and 18, 748 players and staff members were tested.

Only six were told by EPL that these six cases were related to three clubs. The names of the club or the infected people were not disclosed in this regard. The statement said that players/staff who have been found positive will self-isolate themselves for seven days.

The practice started in small groups on Tuesday after the security protocol was signed on Monday. Only 0.8 percent of the tests conducted in EPL have been found positive. Two of Germany’s top football divisions were Covid-19 tested 1724 players/staff last week and 10 of them were found positive. The German league opened last week. Five players were found infected in the Test before the start of La Liga training in Spain.

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Premier League clubs want to return to the tournament by the middle of next month despite several players expressing health concerns. Watford captain Troy Deane said he would not return to training this week as he feared that his five-month-old son might develop the infection.

United will return the money

Manchester United has said that it will refund fans buying season tickets for matches they could not see due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Contract end with China

The English Premier League has also ended the contract with Chinese company PPTV. However, no reason has been given for this. Although the agreement was three years old, it has been terminated after a single season.

PPTV stopped payments of 160 million pounds ($ 209 million) in March, according to a British newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ reported last month. This happened when the Premier League was suspended due to the Coronavirus.

The Chinese retail giant Suning owns PPTV and the league’s contract was one of the most lucrative contracts internationally at around Ā£ 55 million ($ 71.80 million).

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What is the English premier league

The association is an English professional league of football clubs. It is the country’s primary football competition at the top of the English Football League system. Competed by 20 clubs, the league operates on a system of promotion and relegation with The Football League. The Premier League is a corporation in which 20 member clubs operate as shareholders.